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The Sumerian Clay Tablets


Sumer is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of Mesopotamia, said to have emerged around 6000 years ago. Based on recent research the Sumerians could have been around much longer ago than this. For example, Sumer is meant to predate ancient Egypt and research suggests that ancient Egypt was prevalent 12,000 years ago.

Despite the distance in time, many Sumerian clay tablets have been found in good condition, as they purposely used this material to stand the test of time.

These tablets defy the common narrative that suggests human civilization began as less knowledgeable. This is because they show things such as our Solar System and what appears to be flying modes of transport.

The videos below give insight to the research into this civilization.


The Clay Tablets Deciphered


Ancient tablets suggest that Sumerians are a product of the Anunnaki, a civilization that visited Earth from a planet called Nibiru (aka Planet X).  The tablets depict that they created us from 80% their DNA and 20% of the homosapien at the time to create us in their image so that we could mine gold for their atmosphere. This is said to have happened as long as 450,000 years ago.

The tablets show the planets to scale, with an extra planet in the solar system. Many researchers believe that there is sufficient evidence to suggest that a planet that was destroyed to make the asteroid belt or that this planet could represent planet Nibiru, where it is suggested that the inhabitants of this planet (the Anunnaki) shared all of this knowledge on our solar system (such as the colours of Neptune and Uranus as a blue-green) as well as others. For example, they accurately described things that we have only discovered in recent years, such as the binary star system of Sirius A and Sirius B.

Here is a video that touches on the asteroid belt being the remnants of a destroyed planet:

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