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Sadhguru has been described as a wise teacher with a logical and practical demeanour. He travels the world speaking at places like Google, Microsoft, Harvard, Oxford and the United Nations.

Here are some of his main teachings:

  1. Give your conclusions
  2. Don’t talk about anything that is not in your experience
  3. Don’t be positive or negative – just see it the way it is
  4. Look at what binds you
  5. Change yourself – don’t try to change anyone else
  6. Get rid of your ‘but’
  7. You have to do it the way it works
  8. Act consciously, not compulsively
  9. Don’t take your mind too seriously
  10. Find out for yourself

Check out the videos below for more on his teachings:

Sadhguru also discusses his research on the foods that have positive and negative influence on the body:

More can be read on Sadhguru via his category here or on his site here.

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