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‘More people are overcoming illnesses that doctors have said cannot be healed. Cancer is one illness that is brought up in this subject. People have overcome different forms of the illness without common treatment. This can be can be hard to comprehend.’




Healing in this manner links to ideas such as how changes in mindset bring changes in reality. The Law of Attraction category also links to this idea. Dr Bernie Siegel’s claims that changes in mindset can bring direct physical changes. ‘People with a multi personality disorder can experience a change in eye colour’.

More research shows that a lot of disease stems from states of dis-ease and unhealthy mindsets. Unhealthy mindsets include feeling stressed, anxious, depressed and angry. This is one of the reasons that practices such as yoga and meditation are becoming more popular.

A subject that links to this is Dr. Masaru Emoto’s findings that thought influences reality. He found that our thoughts and the energy that they bring directly influence water particles. Knowing that our bodies are mainly made up of water (about 60%), you can see how this could be significant. In addition, other particles (apart from water) have shown to be directly influenced by thoughts.




Another key factor to good health is diet. This includes consuming fresh organic foods and ‘super-foods’ that provide essential vitamins and minerals. For example, raw turmeric is not only anti-inflammatory, but has been recorded in having a direct correlation in curing cancer. Its anti-cancer properties have been recorded as reversing cases that were diagnosed as incurable/terminal. Cannabis oil and CBD oil have also been documented in curing cancer without the use of chemotherapy.

Although organic foods cost more, the best investment you can make is into your wellbeing. You feel better physically and mentally for eating well. This makes you more active, have a more positive mood, think more clearly and attract more good to you as you manifest your reality based on how you feel.

Dr. Sebi is known for curing multiple illnesses and diseases (including cancer, HIV and diabetes). The basis of his work is healing through a diet of eating particular natural foods. You can read more on his work here.

Mycologist Paul Stamets believes in curing illnesses through the consumption of certain mycelium mushrooms. He also believes that they can improve physical and mental performance. One example of this includes Lions Mane to improve memory and help with conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Another is Reishi and Turkey Tail mushrooms for their anti-cancerous properties. He also researches into a range supplements and their benefits. You can learn more about on his site here and in his videos further on in this article here.


Video Overview


The videos below discuss real life stories of natural healing, as well as insights from scientists in this field of study. This includes a quote from Dr. Bruce Lipton on his studies into epigenetics.

‘Many monks live long lives, as old 120 years old has been recorded. They live these long lives without the modern, Western pharmaceutical industry. This gives further support to Lipton’s findings. His findings are backed further when considering that monks in general are mentally strong and emotionally stable.’


You can read more on natural healing here.

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