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, asDolores Cannon started as a hypnotherapist to help people overcome addictions. Her career led her down an unexpected path where she delved into the subconscious mind.

This led to people recalling things that are hard to comprehend like past lives. However, Dolores’s way of explaining her hypnotherapy and past-life regression methodologies, along with the details that she would obtain from clients help bridge understanding and/or open people’s minds to these phenomena.

Check out the videos below of her findings:


Dolores Cannon’s work links with children who remember past lives and recall profound, detailed facts that get proven correct and would be impossible for them to know otherwise. In addition, some claim to recall meeting passed friends on their death and choosing their next parents. Here are some videos that touch on children that recall memories of past lives, as well as a video of a man that discusses pre-birth experiences:



You can read more about Dolores Cannon via her category here or on her site here. You can also read more into Life After Death here.

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