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What is DMT?


Dimethyltryptamine is a natural chemical substance that is produced in many plants and animals, including humans in the liver, lungs and pineal gland. Despite occurring naturally in us, it is famous for being the strongest psychedelic and has a reputation for inducing the biggest changes to our perception of reality. Also, it has been found that when someone dies, the brain releases DMT.

A common occurrence across experiences on DMT include leaving the body to another realm/dimension that seems more real, fractal and complex, where people have interacted with other entities, feel more knowledgeable and think more clearly. For example, many people recall interacting with a female entity that they ask questions and she shares knowledge. Some have felt like there is no time in this place and ask about this to get answers like, ‘What is time if you have already lived through multiple eternities?’ (with eternities being that place or the afterlife?).

It is also common that people feel like they know the place, that they’ve been there before (‘before this life’) and it feels homely. People often say that entities experienced are benevolent and are pleased to see them like family and say things like they ‘have been waiting for them’, that the person ‘must go back’ and that ‘they will see them again’. They are said to communicate with thoughts, ‘It’s like they communicate a feeling to me and my mind puts it into words like an intuition’.

DMT experiences can also include going through a tunnel/wormhole, seeing a bright light, seeing geometric patterns (like those discussed by ancient knowledge researchers such as Robert Edward Grant and shown in the image below) and experiencing an even greater presence than the other entities that is all loving. This presence has been described as masculine and people have believed this to be God.


People who smoke DMT tend to say it lasts around 15 minutes (but the experience feels like longer) and those who drink ayahuasca, a natural DMT brew, say it can last hours.

Check out the top comments and videos below from people that have experienced and/or researched about DMT, including some from Comedy Central (after the first two videos). Shane Mauss of Comedy Central explains an experience where he let’s his friend take DMT and in his friend’s trip, the entities there were talking about how they ‘hang out’ with Shane a lot (because he has taken DMT multiple times). This was to his surprise as he ‘rationalised’ his experiences as being ‘in his head’, but his friends experience suggests otherwise (fourth video in this article). Shane and others believe that they have met God on DMT, this is mentioned on the two videos that follow the comedy central videos.

Also, note that further down in the article ayahuasca is discussed, as well as DMT artists, DMT entities, DMT simulation videos and ways in which DMT can be catalyzed without consuming stimulants.

“I smoked DMT 5 years ago and It was the most powerful thing I will ever do. I have spent the last 5 years processing that experience. It made me question everything. This world seems less real than the other-side. I no longer fear death. Words can’t describe it all. We are just meat avatars for our spirits. I wish everyone had to do this as a right of passage in our society. The world would be light-years ahead of where we are now. The governments and religions are keeping this from the people.”


Lessons Learned from DMT


The next video touches on, “10 lessons I learned from the DMT breakthrough experience”:

1) Life is an infinite mystery that extends far beyond anything we could ever fathom

2) Consciousness is not produced by the brain


4) “I Am That”

5) Reduced fear of death

6) The gift of this lifetime

7) Pantheism and the sacredness of life

8) The Great Awakening of Humanity

9) Machine elves and life beyond earth

10) The importance of integration


Here is a video where the entities of DMT are explained with reference to religious texts including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Near Death Experiences are also compared with DMT experiences in this video (you can see more on NDEs here):



DMT Simulations


Art of DMT’s visualizations is shown in some of the previous videos. Shawn Thornton and Alex Grey are famous DMT artists. Shawn Thornton has Cancer of the pineal gland (a pineal gland tumor), the gland that secretes DMT. Interestingly, this condition gives him the ability to see visions without consuming any stimulants. Other ways that can catalyze the secretion of DMT without consuming stimulants include Kundalini Yoga and certain lights such as Ajna Lights.

Check out the videos and pictures below for a DMT simulation video and some of their artwork. Some of the comments on the first video say that they recognise some of the faces later in the video (underneath the mushroom/mushroom hat).

DMT simulation videos:

Shawn Thornton’s artwork:



Alex Grey’s artwork:

Note that some depict the above images (and main image of this article) as Baphomet. Here is one quote on Baphomet:


‘You’ve probably seen the image of Baphomet used as a stand-in for Satan. What you might not have learned, is how Baphomet has nothing to do with evil or Satanism and actually has a much more profound history.’ More can be read on this here.




Ayahuasca is mentioned in many of the videos above. It is a brew or tea made in the Amazon from the Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf. This combination allows for DMT to work, giving ‘life changing experiences’. People experience ‘Mother Ayahuasca’ (also referred to as ‘Mother Earth’) after taking the brew. She has been said to give knowledge and advice ranging from explaining the nature of reality and how there is much more to it than we experience, to telling alcoholics to stop poisoning themselves. Another common theme is for advice to be given on personal traits, for example people have said they have been told to to not themselves too seriously.

Ayahuasca has also been said to be therapeutic; ‘It’s like psychotherapy. Ten years of psychotherapy in one night’. Many people consume it to cure PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), including soldiers and people with troubled upbringings. Others claim to get cured of issues/blocks in their subconscious that they were unaware of and describe the aftereffects as uplifting and life changing. 

How ancient Amazonians knew to mix these two plants from the vast abundance of plants that are in the Amazon is still debated. The common answer locally is that ‘the plants told them/guided them’ to do so. As well as ‘life changing insights and experiences’, ayahuasca has been found to have healing properties. Some of the mental and health benefits it can bring are listed below:

  • euphoria
  • feelings of connection and unity
  • introspection
  • intense visual and auditory experiences
  • powerful emotions
  • curing addictions
  • curing psychological conditions (such as PTSD)
  • curing health conditions (some claim to be cured from conditions such as diabetes)

The videos below expand on this further:


Here are some more Ayahuasca videos, focusing on people’s experience:

As mentioned in the article, DMT is said to be secreted from the pineal gland. Our article on the pineal gland can be viewed here and more can be viewed on DMT here.

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