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This article links with our Post on Life After Death here. This discusses common questions such as What happens? Where do we go? Do we see loved ones?

Further down the page there are some profound videos on Near Death Experiences (NDEs). NDEs have become more frequent since developments in technology giving the ability to revive people from cardiac arrests and other critical conditions. In summary, people share similar experiences. These include:

  • Experiencing ‘bed visits’ by passed loved ones when ill in hospital
  • Floating out of the body in an Outer Body Experience (OBE)
  • Whilst in an OBE, recalling details that happened in the hospital (the same room and other rooms) when they were meant to be dead
  • Seeing a bright white light
  • Being reunited with passed loved ones that look in their prime (often in their 30’s) in a ‘heavenly realm’ that looks similar to Earth, but more vivid (e.g. a wider spectrum/shades of colours) and no physical restrictions (e.g. nothing ages or dies, things that can’t be done here can be done there etc.) 
  • Being reunited with pets
  • Meeting people that they have never seen before, but seeing them in family photos later in life (after the NDE)
  • Seeing people that they thought were still alive, but finding out after NDE that they were dead
  • Given messages to say to loved ones – a great example of this is an NDE where someone was told to tell another person who was still alive ‘sorry for ruining the car’, which she knew nothing about, but the other person knew exactly what was meant by this and the person in the NDE did ruin the car in a crash that killed them
  • Experiencing unconditional, infinite love
  • Feeling connected to all and everyone, including God
  • A knowing of all including that life is to be lived to gain experiences, fulfil purpose and to be enjoyed (some have explained this as ‘we are manifesting god wanting to play’)
  • Learning valuable lessons to give meaning, purpose and to live life to the full

It is also worth reflecting on the Double Slit Experiment that links to the Holographic Universe theory. This experiment shows that the act of consciousness observing matter affects the way that matter behaves. As such, leading physicists in the World Science Festival, as well as Elon Musk and former NASA physicist Tom Campbell believe that consciousness is the infinite source and reality is a simulation.

Past Lives


Another interesting topic discussed in some of the videos above is children who remember past lives and recall profound, detailed facts that get proven correct and would be impossible for them to know otherwise. In addition, some claim to recall meeting passed friends on their death and choosing their next parents. This links to the findings of Dolores Canon from her hypnosis practices.

Here are some videos that touch on children that recall memories of past lives:


Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)


For more on near death experiences, see the videos below. These include the experiences of cardiac surgeons, neurosurgeons, nurses and those that have experienced NDEs themselves.


NDEs are compared with other outer-body experiences such as those in DMT experiences (more can be read on this here). Also in the video below, a doctor discusses what he has observed people seeing as they pass away:


Mediums, Psychics & IADC


Other interesting material on life after death can be found when looking into the work of mediums and psychics. Although facing a lot of scepticism (especially with fakes trying to exploit the space for business), when researching into the work of some of the best ones, it can open your eyes to why they get credibility.

Check out the Chris Stillar and John Edward videos below. John Edwards talks of his time as a medium and describes death as a transition, with the body being a vessel and the soul the driver. He also discusses that the passed are fine, just in a different form and look over their loved ones:

The psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker describes how psychics/mediums communicate and what the afterlife is like based on his research on NDEs and intuitions below:


Dr. Allan Botkin is one of many psychotherapists described as consistently helping people reconnect with those who have passed away’. The method of doing this is called ‘Induced After-Death Communication’ (IADC). This was discovered by Dr. Allan Botkin when amending Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to help those overcome Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He says it was to his surprise when clients started to tell them of their experiences with those who had passed away. Here is a video where he explains his story:


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